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About the Music Video

The Simons & Cameron AMERICA'S FIRST HOMETOWN music video features Jerelle Manse and Luke Drymalski, and was filmed at the University of Nevada, Reno by Shaun Cameron. The video can also be found at YouTube, Vimeo and MySpace.

The new pop single is a "Washington DC theme song" by Gordon Simons and Lane Cameron. It is being promoted in the nation's capital to tourism offices, government bodies and various radio stations. The patriotic song is dedicated to President Barack Obama, the U.S. Congress, and everyone serving America. It is now available on iTunes and Amazon.

Listen for America's First Hometown during the upcoming "Constitution Day" celebration, September 17-23 in Washington DC.

Another Simons & Cameron recording artist is 16-year-old Erika Davidson--check out her Halloween music video at YouTube, & her new Christmas songs at

About Simons & Cameron

Simons & Cameron songs have been featured on the Young and the Restless soap opera, the world famous Dr. Demento Show, and radio and television programs across America.

The Simons & Cameron Recording Group is busy with various music projects, and is seeking affiliation with a major record label. They are also looking for new advertising jingle clients, movie studio connections and radio/television opportunities.

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